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Press Release from Rigpa

11 August 2017

Rigpa is an international network of Buddhist centres dedicated to making the Buddhist teachings of meditation, compassion and wisdom available to the modern world. The courses and programmes offered by Rigpa have helped many thousands of people around the world experience relief from suffering and find meaning in their lives.

Recently, a number of allegations have been brought against Sogyal Rinpoche, the spiritual director of Rigpa, which have been widely shared in the media and on the internet. The governing boards and management teams of Rigpa worldwide take this matter very seriously and are resolved to clarify the situation responsibly, and in a way that is entirely consistent with Buddhist values.

After internal consultation, Sogyal Rinpoche has decided, with immediate effect, to retire as spiritual director from all the organizations that bear the name of Rigpa in different countries around the world.

The governing boards and management teams of Rigpa, having sought professional and spiritual advice, will assure that the following steps are taken:

1. Set up an independent investigation by a neutral third party into the various allegations that have been made.

2. Launch an international consultation process to establish both a code of conduct and a grievance process for Rigpa.

3. Establish a new spiritual advisory group to guide the Rigpa organization.

These steps are being taken by the boards and management teams of Rigpa worldwide, in a true spirit of collaboration. Channels will be established so that any member of our community has the opportunity to express their wishes, views and concerns.